Spring and my mother.

Spring is my favorite time of year. It was also my late Mother’s favorite as well. She loved colors and gardening, her dogs, and her kids & grand kids . Not always in that order but sometimes! ūüėČ ¬†She couldn’t resist artwork with animals that were dressed in people clothes, Brer Rabbit was a favorite story, she had ¬†figurines of animals dressed in clothes here and there around the house. Anything to do with Victorian decor she absolutely loved.

When winter was over she would open windows and get outside as soon as she possibly could and start working in her garden.

Here is her simple obituary:

Elmeada “Midge” Anne Welch, 86, of South Range, passed away on May 17, 2013 in Middle River Health and Rehabilitation.

Elmeada was born in Brooklyn, Wis. on June 8, 1926 to Walter H. and DeeDee (McKee) Zieroth. Her interests were her children, grandchildren and her yard and garden.

This is my view of Ma:

Ma was a very practical person, she had no time for liars, hypocrites, vanity, pretense, and other crap like that. ¬†Life was simply a place where you spent time decorating and enjoying colors, flowers, ¬†mutts, and cats. If ¬†people turned up their noses at her crazy color schemes or told her that something was not in current style she could care less. Her house –¬†her way of doing things, if you don’t like it then get the hell out and go home to your boring beige walls and be safe in the knowledge that you have a boring home that looks like every other cookie cutter home. ¬†She didn’t give a damn what the Jones’ were up too.

Same with her mutt dogs that always came from a shelter or strays. If you couldn’t appreciate the love and entertainment of a cute little somewhat retarded dog, well that is your problem; if you want to spend hundreds on a designer dog that has health problems due to to much specialized breeding so be it. She would continue to take in mangy lovable free dogs that in her mind were far superior in their one of a kind- mutt way. All dogs were welcome in her home and it was never surprising to see three to five at a time lying about the house. Us kids could always count on Ma to baby sit either kids or dogs when we went out of town. It was always a running joke with us kids that she spent far more on vet bills than she ever did on taking any of us to the doctor.

Her first marriage was with somewhat a drunk and she spared little time getting out of that situation and moving on. In her lifetime together with her second husband, Vern Welch; Ma raised five boys and one girl. She suffered the loss of two of her children and the estrangement of one of her grandchildren.  She was very shy and introverted, having never learned how to drive she remained stuck at the house much of the time , but found a lot of enjoyment in gardening and taking care of her dogs after all us kids had left the nest.  She taught us all how to remain resilient despite circumstances and make do with whatever we had.  She had a vivid imagination and loved to tell ghost stories that were told to her by Grandma DeeDee. Favorite books and TV shows were murder mysteries. She was proud of her Irish and German heritage. Most who knew her in her later years could describe her as pleasant and always smiling; she was never one to put upon people much and always said thank you when even the smallest kindness was shown.

Here’s to you Ma, may you be in a heavenly¬†Ireland at a Victorian mansion, digging in a garden, where all your dogs and lost children are, knowing that I love you very much!

Ma in her garden, pointing out different plants and naming them for me as she often did.

Ma in her garden, pointing out different plants and naming them for me as she often did.

Me and my Mom.

Me and my Mom.



Pictured is her bed where three of her mutts were always welcome (Ma is curled up underneath…the dogs were “helping” to keep her warm).


Pictured below is a rare one where Ma is actually smiling for a picture (she hated having her picture taken).


see the crazy color she picked for the shutters? to damn bad if you didn’t like it…she did.

mom faking a dirty look for the camera.

mom faking a dirty look for the camera. (This was also the look you got when she caught you in a lie and she was about to smack you around ūüėČ